About Us

1/ We is a company which specializes in designing, consulting and manufacturing products from fine art paper, especially handmade pop-up greeting cards.
Our pop-up cards are made with inspirations of Origami and Kirigami Art. You can find in our Vietnam art craft gallery a wide variety of inspirational and personalized gift cards for everyday and special occasions including Birthday, Christmas, Valentine, Mother’s Day, New Year, Wedding, etc. In addition, we can customize your corporate gift cards order by professionally printing/cutting your company name, logo or message inside and printing your address on the envelope flap. Beside pop up cards, we also bring to our customers a wide range of other products from fine art paper such as pop up calendars, paper masks, paper gift baskets, paper gift boxes, paper features, etc.

Our company always tries our best to bring our customer the most professional products and services. We prioritize our prestige and high quality standards as a key. We are proud of being the only one in Vietnam manufacturing pop up cards and exporting them worldwide.

Pop-up Card always listens and takes extra care for clients, both before and after sales; as well as support efficiently any difficulties that may occur. Besides, our design team specializes in customizing design for customer without extra fee.

We have product varieties with more than 100 new designs / month. We also apply the lastest paper technology to produce masks, fake eyelashes, cupcake bases and pop up calendars, etc.

2/ Our company is one of the leading export companies in Viet Nam. We are absolutely confident of being your best supplier in ability of providing best services and product quantity on your request.

3/ We may live in a digital world, but our love affair with paper has by no means diminished. Here are some great of examples of paper art being used imaginatively within contemporary design, bringing paper out of its comfort zone and being used as a creative outlet rather than just a means of delivery. Ours products are truly made by hand. So each one is unique and has its own personal touch. Moreover, it can be sure that all our cards are produced to the highest standard using high quality materials. At present, our products are sold at highly increasing volume in many other countries.

Our working philosophy is “Professional, Proactive and Progressive”

4/ Greeting cards have as one type is present in many countries around the world As well as each card looks tiny but when opened brings surprises for the audiences of the art model meticulous assembly, refinement in a lot of different content.

  • Pop-up Card  is proud of that a young company in the field of design and production float cards of Vietnam. We have been and will be met with demand for the domestic market and internationally.
  • Each card will replace acknowledgments, love which we want to send your friends as well as to recommend to their loved ones. “SAY IT FOR YOU” is our mission.
  • Our criteria beyond good product quality, also the prestige and the service attentive.
  • With good design team and professional staff and grate production we will always bring satisfaction to all customers.

We would like to send heartfelt thanks to the customers who have supported us in the past and look forward to continued co-operating with all the customers in the future.



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