1.Do you produce these pop-up cards yourself?

We are manufacturer, consultant, and designer of fine art paper products. Pop up cards are our main products.

2. How many staff do you have working for you?

Our company has over 100 staff.

3. Can you put our company name and logo on the back of the pop-up cards?

We do not print our logo on the products to oversea market.

4. Can you find out air freight costs to EU?

We will give you the detailed quotation of shipping fee of our well known shipping partners all over the world including  DHL, Fedex, TNT, UPS, ect

5. Are you making a football club logo and stadium card?

Designing is one of our company strengths. We are not responsible for the copyright of the football team.

6. How quickly can you produce a new design?

The time of designing a new product depends on our customer and their requirements. The earlier customers will be put in priority. The time will be set after we get the deposit from customer, no longer than 30 days.

7. Do you have colour swatches of paper?

We have the catalogue of 150 fine art paper samples. We only give our customers the catalogue from the second time they order.

8. Can you send me pictures of all your designs?

We only send some of our basic designs to customers. From the forth order, we will get them be updated with new designs.

9. Do you have samples you can send to us?

Of course we send our customers card samples, maximum 3 samples and shipping fee is covered by customers.

10. What are the costs of each pop-up card?

The prices, images, and packing will be mentioned in our company’s detailed quotation.


Email: care@paperartviet.com

Phone: (+84) 37 18 66 49

Web: popup-calendar.com

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