Quilling Card – Baby

Baby Quilling Card
Baby Quilling Card


Baby Quilling Card

Material: Paper

Theme:  Bithday

Type: Gift Card, Greeting Card, Quilling

Multi Color: Yellow, Red, Blue, Orange, Wood, etc.

Size (cm): 12×12, 12×19, 15×15,

Suitable for newlyweds or newlyborn, when a couple has an extra child, this will be the first gift, and until the child grows up.

Of course, Baby Quilling Card is also an ideal gift for married couples who have long, elderly, or gay couples.

The product is illustrated as a yellow baby carriage, white background and blue sky, this is the color of children’s favorite, showing the youthful, dynamic.

Products are sold at many booths for the baby, and are best-selling at August and September: the birthdays of many children, because their parents had a very happy Christmas season.

Infant Baby Quilling Card is a best present for another wedded couples. Regardless of whether a companion has added another youngster to their developing home, this card is certain to get into the child book and be cherished for a considerable length of time to developing. Likewise a superb present for step-wedded, non-permanent parents, and receptive couples.

Moreover, we can alter your corporate gift vouchers arrange by professionally printing/cutting your organization name, logo or message inside and printing your address on the envelope fold. Adjacent to pop up cards, we likewise convey to our clients an extensive variety of different items from artistic work paper, for example, fly up date-books, paper veils, paper blessing wicker container, paper blessing boxes, paper highlights, and so on.

Our items are genuinely made by hand. So every one is one of a kind and has its very own touch. Also, it can make certain that every one of our cards are delivered to the most astounding standard utilizing amazing materials. At show, Baby Quilling Card are sold at very expanding volume in numerous different nations.

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